5 Things ‘Not to Do’ as Spring hits

We are already few days into April and the official spring season is in full swing. At least for retail branding, but not quite for us all. Especially in Canada where winter lasts for almost forever. So, even though the fashion stores are full with the Instagram inspired latest spring fashion trends, it's not necessarily... Continue Reading →

Megan Markle’s messy bun gave fashion goals to the world. Really?

Downtown Abbey, Episodes, Mr. Selfridge, Sex & the city were pretty much the kind of entertaining content I have been watching in the last couple of years and I loved them. Though I did watch few seasons of 'How to get away with Murder', 'House of Cards" and "Homeland", it didn't excite me much. So... Continue Reading →

I would like to begin by saying, I simply love hats. This black little Charlie Chaplin hat is a dear one of mine. I bought this piece in one of the local street boutiques from Itaewon in Seoul, when I used to live there.   Hats, like sunglasses are a statement wear. Wear it and... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for choosing a Winter Outerwear

Well, I wont debate, when it is -30 outside anything that keeps warm, is the final thing. However, life is fair and gives us choices. So if I have to choose, I would love to go for the classic looking winter overcoats. They give a soft, classic and a formal impression, all at the same... Continue Reading →

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