5 Things ‘Not to Do’ as Spring hits

Spring Cover

We are already few days into April and the official spring season is in full swing. At least for retail branding, but not quite for us all. Especially in Canada where winter lasts for almost forever. So, even though the fashion stores are full with the Instagram inspired latest spring fashion trends, it’s not necessarily meant for everyone. It is one thing, sipping hot chocolate on the couch and browsing through popular Instagram profiles and completely another thing to actually make changes to personal wardrobe inspired by seasonal trends. Though it’s a very common sense not to do so, however fashionistas these days does everything in their quest to look ‘Chic’ and ‘Expensive’ looking. So here are the top 5 things one should stop doing in the name of spring fashion:

1. The Cleaning Closet Mania – The YouTube is full of closet videos for what should be kept or donated. It’s better not to go for any major reshuffle and have a tidy arrangement. Unless one has ample time, this make things simpler and most importantly it work

2. Parting ways with sweater – Sweaters are sweethearts! They keep you warm, but when you don’t want them, they can be folded into a small roll and tucked into the corner of your bag, which cannot be done for sweatshirts. Sweaters are way more than just layers

3. Right Boots – Boots have become an important fashion accessory now days. So much so that celebrities in tropics make airport appearances in them and followers ‘follow’. Anyway, on coming back to the main point, boots seem a bit boring during spring after a prolonged use during the winter. The sudden switch to mules or loafers is not wise. It should be a natural transition. The faux leather boots or sued one makes a good case, think of teaming one of those with a over the knee floral dress

4. Sudden Green Revolution – This is also the time for health blogs and videos to come up with tons of smoothie and salad recipes. Because you ‘have to’ shed those extra pounds and look fit in those new ‘cool’ work wears everyone is wearing. This is a good concept, but we should understand our body. Whether our body is prepared to take on those changes. From marshmallow hot chocolates to kiwi smoothies & yogurts could be quite rapid. And also spring is also the season of flu and virus. So it is better to give our body all the necessary nutrients and stay healthy

5. Honest Content – And finally share honest content on social media. Not everyone in the world lives in places which experiences cherry blossom. If a place looks dry and grey during spring, be it. The beauty is in the treatment of a subject rather than the subject itself

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