Megan Markle’s messy bun gave fashion goals to the world. Really?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Visit Reprezent
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Downtown Abbey, Episodes, Mr. Selfridge, Sex & the city were pretty much the kind of entertaining content I have been watching in the last couple of years and I loved them. Though I did watch few seasons of ‘How to get away with Murder’, ‘House of Cards” and “Homeland”, it didn’t excite me much. So naturally ‘Suits’ did not appear on my recommended viewing and my introduction to Megan Markle did not happen. Not good. This is because I found myself reading about her and scrolling her pictures everywhere and I did not know her. So like any average online stalker,,, oh sorry, my bad, I mean like an average ‘netizen’, I looked her up and today she is like my next door cousin with who I grew up.

So the following two “News pieces” got me thinking:

  • writes ” As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry headed into Wales’ Cardiff Castle on Jan. 18, excited fans praised not only the princess-to-be’s warmth and poise during her third official appearance, but also her messy bun.
    Fashion aficionados around the globe were quick to note that this is the second time the “Suits” star has publically sported a low, loose knot, likely before clamoring to copy the look themselves. ” Okay so foxnews claims fashion aficionados around the globe kept a count for the number of times Megan Markle wore a messy bun… 🤔. Well in my humble opinion, Megan Markle, who is American and just another average person may have copied, ugh no, my bad again, been inspired by women in their everyday life doing daily chores like driving, cleaning, pet walking, chilling, sleeping,,,I seriously don’t know where to end because messy buns have been there for eternity
  • Now writes “ Markle’s father is walking her down the aisle, but he is supposedly “very private,” so she will be getting to do her tight five. The woman who brought the screen to life with her dynamic performance on Suits will surely enthrall a crowd of British dignitaries who have never seen a woman in a wedding dress speak before. Harry, of course, gives his full support...'<<<<<<<<
    the uptight creatures the British royals are and considering the heavy baggage late Di’s rebellious past with the royal family and media, it is only natural Megan Markle is setting new traditions. I am sure that no eyes would blink even if she chooses to wear the Eshu Coat from Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Autumn Winter 2000 collection for her wedding dress. It’s all a PR move at the end of the day. The queen may get hiccups in her sleep but eventually she would just smile and say “Never mind”

However on a more serious note, those stylish winter coats did give me some #fashiongoals

Take care. Will post soon!

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