Top Tips for choosing a Winter Outerwear

Well, I wont debate, when it is -30 outside anything that keeps warm, is the final thing. However, life is fair and gives us choices. So if I have to choose, I would love to go for the classic looking winter overcoats. They give a soft, classic and a formal impression, all at the same time.

Few tips I would like to share for choosing a winter outerwear, which I have learned from my previous experiences are:

  1. Always watch out for the inner fabric which would be close to your body. If you are comfortable with the texture, you are almost there
  2. Buttons are important. They give the ultimate finished look to the garment. I usually like the ones which have a metallic polish to it
  3. Length is important to me. Yes, at times the long dress coats seem nice yet somehow they don’t give that edgy look, no matter what your height is. A knee length or a little above the knee(I am 5’4 inches) coat is safe for sure.

I think dressing proper, neat and smart is very important for ease, mobility and ultimately to make memories in winter

Have that h&m bag, since forever

img_0739 img_0742

Black is timeless

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